How to use Orange app smartly

If you look closely at the manual, I am sure you will be able to use the Orange App much more effectively.

Useful Tip


  • If you want to delete the created image, run the default gallery app without running Orange and delete the images in the folder. Those images are in a folder under Pictures/Orange/. The images taken in Orange are stored under [CapturedImages], the background removed images are [ErasedImages], and the photos decorated images are stored under [DecoratedImages].

  • For decorative images, there are links to representative free sites in photo decoration/deco/download in the app, so you can download and use according to your taste. Sometimes, if images that restrict image downloads are downloaded, they are not image files and therefore do not appear in the lower decoration gallery.

  • If you use a touch pen, you can do a variety of work on the paint for photo decoration. When creating an emoticon as shown in the figure below, it is effective to draw a line along the edge so that the foreground image can be clearly distinguished from the background As shown in the picture below.​

  • If you do not select a background color or a background image in the photo decoration and save it with only the foreground image and the decorative image, you can save it while changing various backgrounds later. However, in order to select the combined foreground image at this time, it must be selected from the [DecoratedImages] folder.


User Manual

1. Drawer menu


When you tap the hamburger icon or swipe right from the left edge of the screen, the Navigation Drawer menu appears, including how to use orange, check the manual, check version, and share the orange app. How to use oranges is a simple guide to the essential tips for using oranges. The manual is linked to the home page to show the detailed instruction manual. The version check compares the version of the app currently in use with the number of the recently released version, and when you press the upgrade button, it moves to Google Play and helps you upgrade. Share Orange App is used to introduce Orange App to acquaintances through messenger or social media. In addition, if there is an inconvenience in use or a function that you want to request, you can send an e-mail using the developer replyer's Feedback.


2. Options Menu


In the options menu, you can set the language and resolution of the foreground photo. The language is set to the default language set on the phone, but you can select a different language from the options menu. The resolution of the foreground photo is divided into HD/FullHD level, and the HD level resolution is set by default. If you don't particularly need high-definition and use it only for emoticons, it's better to set the resolution of the foreground photo to HD. In this case, operation processing time is shortened and memory usage is also reduced. If high quality is required, it can be used by selecting FullHD. The resolution of the background photo is not specifically selected, and the resolution of the photo is used as it is.


3. Status Bar


If you want to see the status bar that shows the remaining battery capacity of the mobile phone, Wi-Fi on/off, etc., drag down from the top of the window and it will appear and disappear for a while.


4. Camera


1. Aspect Ratio: You can select the aspect ratio of the photo. There are some aspect ratios that some phones do not  support.

2. Flash: You can select flash on, off, or auto.

3. Camera selection: You can choose a selfie or a rear camera.


5. Default Gallery


1. Run the default gallery built into the phone. It is used to select a picture built into the phone.

2. Selecting an image shows the entire picture. You can check the pictures before and after by sliding left or right with a touch.

3. You can move to the mode by pressing the background removal or photo decoration button at the bottom.

4. If you want to delete an image captured in Orange, you can exit Orange, open the default gallery, enter the CapturedImages folder, select the photo, and delete it.


6. Orange Gallery


1. This is a dedicated gallery that shows photos taken in Orange. There are three buttons at the top.

  • CapturedImages: Shows photos taken in orange.

  • ErasedImages: Shows photos with the background removed.

  • DecoratedImages: Shows photos saved using photo decorations.

2. Selecting an image shows the entire picture. You can check the pictures before and after by sliding left or right with a touch.

3. You can move to the mode by pressing the background removal or photo decoration button at the bottom.


7. Background Removal


It consists of the top menu and the bottom menu, and the bottom menu is horizontally scrollable. The functions of each menu are as follows.

  • Reset: Returns to the initial state.

  • Undo: Returns to the state it was just before execution. The number in the middle of the icon indicates the number of states that can be reverted. Up to 20 can be saved.

  • Redo: Restores the state before Undo. The number in the middle of the icon indicates the number of replayable states.

  • Save: Save the photo with the background removed.

  • Deco: Moves to the photo decoration screen. It can be executed only by saving the picture with the background removed.

  • AI: Using deep learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, only people are automatically extracted and the background is removed. After selecting the specified parameter value on the slide bar, you can adjust the position of the boundary line to the inside or outside of the object by pressing the redo button. However, in some cases, it may not be very effective. In the future, it plans to upgrade to automatically extract other objects such as pets.


  • Magic: When rubbing by hand along the boundary of an object that has been removed incompletely, it automatically removes the background more accurately for the area. If the border line obtained by AI is incomplete, or the background of the border is roughly removed with an eraser or adjustment, it should be used. In this case, the boundary between the foreground and the background is not accurate and it is safe to invade each other. This feature is particularly excellent for hair and fur borders. If the result is not satisfactory with one execution, the same part can be executed several times. However, if the resolution is set high, it must be considered that it takes a long time to execute. However, if the touched area is too small, it cannot be executed. Since this function is a technology that automatically processes the touched area (appears in blue), you need to touch it along the boundary line to be automatically removed. It is good. Because it is based on color, errors may occur if the foreground and background colors around the border are similar. In this case, you must finish with an eraser or adjustment.

  • Eraser: You can manually erase the background by moving the circular cursor, or change the erased background back to the foreground. If you press the [Background] button, it changes to [Foreground], and if you press it again, it becomes [Background]. In [Background] mode, the position past the cursor becomes the background, and in [Foreground] mode, the position past the cursor becomes the foreground. The offset slide bar is used to adjust the distance value between the cursor and the touch point, and the size of the cursor can also be adjusted using the slide bar.

  • Adjust: Automatically converts the surrounding pixels to the background or foreground with a value similar to the color value at the center of the cross cursor. However, the scope is limited to within the circle. The offset and cursor size slide can be adjusted in the same way as an eraser. If the foreground and background colors of the border are similar, you cannot get good results with magic. In this case, you can finally use this function manually.

  • Clear: The entire picture is processed as the foreground or background. When manual functions such as Eraser or Adjust should be used, it is convenient to treat the entire area as foreground and erase it when the area to be removed from the photo is small, and when there are many areas to be removed, the entire area is processed as the background and It is convenient to bring back to life. When the whole is treated as a background, the checkered pattern is automatically treated as translucent so that the desired part can be restored.

  • Transparency: The checkered pattern representing the background can be set to opaque or translucent. When pressed when opaque with a toggle button, it becomes translucent, and when pressed when it is translucent, it changes to opaque.

8. Photo Decoration


You can import the background image you want to combine or select a single background color, and you can freely decorate, such as enlargement, reduction, movement, copying, etc. by adding a foreground image or decorative image with the background removed. You can also draw pictures or text with touch. When a foreground image or a decorative image is loaded, you can delete, flip, copy, enlarge, reduce, and rotate by selecting the box surrounding the image and the icon at the corner of the box. The functions of each menu are as follows.

  • Reset: Returns to the initial state before decoration.

  • Bokeh: It is a function to highlight the front image by blurring the background image. You can set the amount of blur by adjusting the filter size adjustment slide bar. You can get an out-of-focusing effect by selecting the same picture as the background removed front picture as the background.

  • Filter: When the brightness, saturation, and hue of the foreground image, decoration image, and background image do not match each other, you can select each image by touch and change the brightness, saturation and hue to make the combined image look natural.

  • Save: Save the decorated photo. If you click 'Yes' in the information dialog window, you can watch the video for about 3   to 15 seconds and save the picture. Even if it is cumbersome, we ask for your cooperation to manage and improve the Orange app. If a message appears indicating that the file has been saved while watching a video ad, you can use the back key to go back while playing the video. If you click 'No', an orange watermark is added to the image and saved.

  • Share: This is used when you want to immediately share a saved photo with people around you through messenger or social media. You must save it before you can use this function. If you want to share it later, simply select a photo from the [DecoratedImages] folder in the gallery.

  • FGImage: Go to the orange gallery and select the front image with the background removed.

  • BGImage: You can select a sample background image embedded in the lower gallery. You can take a picture by pressing   the camera button on the top menu of the lower gallery, or you can download a background image saved on the orange homepage by clicking the download button or from the default gallery. Here, using a search engine to download free images on the Internet, press the back key to return to orange, and the downloaded image will be saved and displayed in the lower gallery. This allows you to use various images on the Internet. However, images downloaded from the Internet without going through Orange are not shown in the lower gallery. If there are enough images in the lower gallery, you can 'drag up' the upper part of the window to enlarge it to full screen and use it, or you can 'drag down' to hide it.

  • BGColor: The background can be filled with the color selected in the pop-up color selection window. If you press the   [Custom] button in the color selection window, you can enter the color value and select the desired color. If you select white for Facebook Messenger or [B2C7D9] for [Kakao], you can get the same color as the default background color of the messenger. If you attach the photo created in this way to a messenger, you can use it like an emoticon.

  • Deco: Select a sample decoration image embedded in the lower gallery. You can enter text by tapping the text input window at the top of the gallery at the bottom, and you can download the decorative image stored in the orange homepage by tapping the download button. Here, you can download free png images on the Internet using a search engine, then press the back key to return to Orange, and the downloaded image will be saved and displayed in the lower gallery. This allows you to use various decorative images on the Internet. However, images downloaded from the Internet without going through Orange are not shown in the lower gallery. If you select a decorative image in the lower gallery, it will be located in the center of the screen. You can touch it and drag it to move it and place it in the desired location. All decorative images or characters on the screen can be selected by touch, and by pressing the icons in the 4 corners of the bounding box that appears when selecting, you can delete, flip, copy and paste, enlarge, reduce, and rotate. You can also change the brightness, saturation and hue by selecting the filter menu.

  • Paint: You can draw or write on the image with a touch or a dedicated pen. If you click the [Color] button, a color selection window pops up and selects the desired color. Set the thickness of the brush using the slide bar. In this mode, the menu at the top of the photo decoration is disabled and cannot be used. In the lower menu, the shape and function of icons are changed as follows. 1) Back: Returns to the Decorating screen. 2) Initialization: Delete everything drawn. 3) Undo, 4) Redo, 5) Brush Type: Select the type of brush. There are general/embossing/blur types, and they change in order each time the button is pressed. Returning to the photo decoration, the image created by drawing is made into a single sticker. Therefore, rather than drawing a lot at once, drawing partially and then returning to the photo decoration and drawing again can avoid the hassle of having to draw again from the beginning if you make a mistake, and there is also the advantage of copying and using the drawing as a sticker.



Please send a nice background photo (jpg format) or decorative image (png format) to the developer's e-mail address ( and we will put it on the home page so that many people can share it. We wish you a pleasant and happy time with Orange.

Thank you.